A Few of Obama’s Best Accomplishments

As election time draws closer and closer, more people are happy painting Obama as a villanious president who has done little for the country. However, the truth is that every president, despite public opinion, does a lot for the country they serve. Being president can’t possibly be easy, as there are so many obligations and responsibilities. If you stop and take a closer look at Obama’s time as president, you’ll realize he has accomplished quite a few things while in term. Following is a brief list of some of Obama’s most noteworthy accomplishments. Remember these the next time you’re thinking Obama didn’t do his job in office.

1. Passing Stimulus.A sign announces a section of road work funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act U.S. economic stimulus plan in the Denver area

Passing the Stimulus act was one of Obama’s biggest achievements while in office. In total, it passed more than 787 billion dollars into the American Recovery and Investment Act. This happened in 2009 and has continued benefiting the country ever since. Passing the stimulus delivered almost instant positive results. Within a short period of time, unemployment rates began to drop and new job openings were appearing in every city and state in the country. As a matter of fact, after only 1 year, the private job sector began producing more jobs than it was losing. Job numbers continued to climb for the following 23 months without any signs of slowing down. Altogether, it created more than 3.6 million jobs in the private sector. That’s quite an accomplishment for a president in their first term.

2. Health Care Reform.Obama Attends Forum For Supporters Of National Health Care Reform

Perhaps what Obama is most known for is passing health care reform. Five presidents before Obama attempted to pass a similar for of health care reform, but failed. Only Obama had the diligence and support to get the job done. The Affordable Care Act was signed in 2010 and went into effect at the start of the 2014 year.

3. Wall Street Reform.

financial_reformHealth care isn’t all that Obama worked hard to reform. He also spent time passing the Consumer Protection Act in 2010, which forced some heavy reform on Wall Street. It was intended to re-regulate the existing financial sector. The idea was to help prevent certain disasters, such as those that caused the Great Recession. New Wall Street reform works to tighten requirements and obligations of big-name banks and financial firms on Wall Street. It also requires that all derivatives be sold in exchanges and public clearinghouses. These are only a few of Obama’s accomplishments while president. He has done plenty more for the country and hopefully the next president will be able to fill the shoes he leaves behind.